Friday, June 06, 2014

Paintings 10 - 13

Today is the 14th day of my challenge of painting a small painting every day. I'm a teacher and next Tuesday is my last day with the kids, so I will make larger paintings starting next Wednesday.  I'm doing the challenge because I've been disappointed with my productivity.  It's so easy to come home tired and say tomorrow I'll paint... So far the challenge has been energizing and good for me because I tend to take too long to make a small painting. I've worked on paintings this size for more hours
than I want to admit to,  Dog and Bunny took forever.

But now, I even finished one in about an hour.  I want to paint with speed, looseness and accuracy. I once had a teacher, Karen O'Neil, who said you need to get the right color in the right value in the right place with the right brushstroke.

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