Sunday, February 25, 2007


I monitor a portrait class at Art Center Manatee and I just started running a figure class as well. Heaven! I'm really pushing my speed and decision making by painting rather than drawing. This was the first night I painted. I'm really looking forward to this week.

Red Hat Lady

I've painted this model many times before I found out she's an artist too. She painted her scarf, which I didn't do justice to, but I got the colors right. I can't remember her name.

Cowboy Ray

This study shows Ray's lovely personality. In a perfect world I would have painted him again to finish, but I like the way his head came out.


This is Gloria again on day 3. This painting is more flattering and looks more like the model.


This study was done on day 2 of the workshop. Painted in an hour, which as I said in my last entry is amazing for me.

Head Study

This is a 20 minute study I did in a Robert Liberace workshop. The workshop was terrific, just what I needed. Before the workshop, I was feeling stuck in my painting. I was trying too hard, I think. I had slowed way down. I feel my biggest challenge in painting is getting the values right and I was obsessing with every stroke. Anyway, the first day of the workshop we painted 15 and 20 minute studies. This made the act primal, fierce and really fun. Something clicked for me that had been missing in my process for the longest time. I feel like I got back some of that fearlessness and immediacy I had as a student.
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