Sunday, June 01, 2014

Corks #9

I live in Florida where the rainy season has officially started. We have a lot of silver light when it's overcast, or raining. I love the light in Fl. and I even love the heat, although it gets old come September.
I listened to The Forever Girl, by McCall Smith while painting the last couple of paintings and I'm reading Shanghai Girls by Lisa See.


mico said...

I found that the "tin of sardines" you painted for the DPW fish challenge this week was very amusing, so I decided to have a look at your blog. that was a good idea as I really liked your work. this is how I would like to paint (but I am miles away!) congratulations!
btw "the virtual paintout" is fun to do as it is like travelling without the inconvenience. this month we discover Russia, you should join.

cheryl meehan said...

Thank you mico. I'll have to have a look at the virtual paint out site again as I think the idea is very interesting and it's fun to look around.

mico said...

I just have a question : would you mind if I copy your idea of the 2 corks for a small oil painting (not for commercial purposes, just for myself)?