Saturday, October 17, 2015

In the works...

The top painting is the next iteration. I wanted to compare the progress and this seemed like the only way because once it's changed, that's it. Duane Keiser has a series in which he paints a scene then paints it again right on top, in different light, with slightly different objects. He photographs each finished iteration and displays the changes as a slide show.  It's like a modern version of Monet only braver because he destroys the original masterpiece in the process. (Please don't think I'm comparing myself with DK. I know better.) Anyway, today I stopped being precious with the painting and I'm hoping I made some progress. I don't think I like the noise in the background. Think I'll go in and brush it to flatten it out.

These are two paintings I've spent some time on but haven't gotten around to finishing. The trolls have been put aside since summer when I spent a lot time working on them. I got frustrated because I wasn't getting what I wanted fast enough, and that combined with the stupid subject matter made me turn it towards the wall. (The preK teacher across the hall from me threw all these trolls out a couple of years ago and I rescued them to paint. Why? Maybe lost youth. I don't know. ) The shells are a fall painting that was painted with natural light, but we had so many rainy afternoons that I couldn't work on it and put it aside. The rainy season seems to be over, so I hope to finish it soon. Anyway, both of these set ups are taking up space in my 12x13' studio, so I really have to finish them because I need the space.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Hello Kitty

Why? You might ask. Maybe it's because I'm an elementary school art teacher, cat lover and halloween lover. Maybe it's because I bought a rigger brush from Rosemary and co. but whatever the reason, at least I finally finished something and posted it. I'm having a finishing problem. I've heard that starts are great, but I think finishes are better.