Saturday, July 05, 2008


Can you believe this guy's name is Pookie? His mama majored in irony. Another fantastic model at the Southern Atelier where Charlie Miano finds the best models in Sarasota county.


This is a new work in progress. It's my daughter and her cousins in the pool. Here I go...

Rolando 2

 I'm working on values and trying to achieve subtlety.

Chelsea and Me

This is another painting in progress. I posted it a while back in a different stage. I still have to tweak the baby's face a bit and now I see I have to darken her belly too.

Green Glass with Fruit

This is almost done I hope. It seems like I keep repainting everything, but I think I'm going to add some color to the glass and background and call it done. It will be like a weight lifted off my shoulders for some reason.


This is my very sophisticated and charming neighbor who was lovely enough to come over and sit for me. Thanks Cynthia.


One of the great things about Florida is the plants. I have a large and often untidy garden and I'm getting used to what thrives and how to care for these semi-tropical treasures. This plant lives on my kitchen table and gives me daily pleasure.
5x7" on stretched canvas. $100.00 plus s/h.

Chico 2

This was in June.

Chelsea 2

Chelsea Reclining

Late April 2008

Chelsea 1

Chico 1


Rolando 1

The painting was tilted when I shot it, so there's a little white showing. I can't face going back outside to shoot again. Florida sun - very hot!


About March I think. I'm trying to put these up in order. My blogger is working great! (I hope I don't jinx it!) Earlier this year I had tons of trouble and frustration and I kept forgetting my password, etc...

Ray the Elder

I was struggling with this and just started messing around with the pallette knife, in panic mode as it were, but then it turned around.


Claudia 1

I'm switching back and forth between tone and color, trying to get those illusive values.

Claudia 2

Crystal 2

Week 2.

Crystal 1

I haven't posted in forever. This study was done in February 2008.