Sunday, June 15, 2014

Another Marble and Rock #21

Driving to N.Y. tomorrow. Going to the Met and the Hispanic Museum to see the Sorrolla, (I probably spelled the name wrong) mural. On the way back, I'm going to DC and the National galleries and the Portrait gallery. Will also see some of the political sights. Also have a family reunion.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Rock and Marble go to the Beach #20

I  bought a container of these little umbrellas to paint and for a while was to intimidated to start. I set up the still life with the rock and marble and decided it needed something else and there was the umbrella already opened. This has been happening to me a lot lately, I have an object just laying around and then it gets to be in a painting. Is this extreme laziness, or are there some subconscious decisions being made?

Old Fashioned Creamer

"I just wanted you to know I absolutely love my painting. I don't think the photo did it justice."
I went to the Goodwill hoping to find an object to paint and this was it. Reminds me of something my grandmother would have owned.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Marble Rock #18

I've been thinking about painting this rock, ( I live in Fl. where there's a dearth of rocks) and I've been thinking about painting marbles because lately I found 2 when gardening, so ...marble rock. I wonder if the first gardeners also found marbles when they gardened, cause I always do. Where do they come from?

Made in Japan

I got this little guy in the Goodwill. On the bottom is reads Made in Japan, hence the name.

Friday, June 06, 2014

Paintings 10 - 13

Today is the 14th day of my challenge of painting a small painting every day. I'm a teacher and next Tuesday is my last day with the kids, so I will make larger paintings starting next Wednesday.  I'm doing the challenge because I've been disappointed with my productivity.  It's so easy to come home tired and say tomorrow I'll paint... So far the challenge has been energizing and good for me because I tend to take too long to make a small painting. I've worked on paintings this size for more hours
than I want to admit to,  Dog and Bunny took forever.

But now, I even finished one in about an hour.  I want to paint with speed, looseness and accuracy. I once had a teacher, Karen O'Neil, who said you need to get the right color in the right value in the right place with the right brushstroke.

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Corks #9

I live in Florida where the rainy season has officially started. We have a lot of silver light when it's overcast, or raining. I love the light in Fl. and I even love the heat, although it gets old come September.
I listened to The Forever Girl, by McCall Smith while painting the last couple of paintings and I'm reading Shanghai Girls by Lisa See.

Say Wha... #8

This troll has a different face, so is it a real troll?

Night Light # 7

This was fun to paint, but now I have wax on my shelf.